Financial Management

Business Performance Measurement

Business Performance Measurement is used to monitor and control business processes, drive improvements,  and to achieve alignment with organizational goals and objectives. To  ensure that business processes are performing as they are expected,  timely and relevant information must be given to the right decision-makers so that if needed, corrective actions can be taken to solve business problems on a timely basis. From the establishment of targeted goals, to the evaluation of actuals and reporting of variances, Meridian can help.

Budgeting and forecasting

A budget is both a planning and  a control tool to provide standards for evaluating  performance. Budgets take different forms and may include the following:

  • Profit planning –  budgeting and forecasting of income and expenses
  • Cash budgeting – budgeting and forecasting of cash requirements and sources
  • Balance sheet – anticipated future assets, liability and net  worth position of the business

Meridian's expertise in this area will help in zeroing in on the relevant drivers for your business.

Working Capital and Cash flow analysis

The solvency of a business is determined by the proper alignment of the cycle of cash inflows and cash outflows. Proper analysis requires  a thorough study of the cycle of cash inflows and outflows for the purpose of maintaining adequate cash flow for a business. Meridian can help to review the components of working capital, credit    terms, and payment terms  in arriving at ways to improve cash  flow.

Product and Customer profitability improvement

Meridian can help improve your profitability by identifying the true cost associated with products and customers so that products sold can be priced accordingly. Product pricing  should factor in more than the purchase price of the product. Transportation, marketing, and selling are examples of costs that should be built in the selling price of a product  in order for it to be profitable.

Acquisition Analysis


Cost analysis