Business Systems

Software and Vendor Service Evaluations

Evaluating and selecting the right software and vendor can be difficult. From defining the requirements to identifying potential vendors, making the wrong decision can be costly in the long run. Sometimes, with minimum investment, existing software may be able to solve the problem. Working with your staff, Meridian can help define the key requirements as well as vet potential vendors. Since we are independent, you can rely on Meridian’s objectivity to identify and evaluate vendors and software and provide unbiased advice. 

Systems Implementation

Proper systems implementation requires a well thought out plan and more importantly, proper execution. Meridian can design and manage your project plan that will guide the implementation of your accounting system. From initial project planning, to the various phases of the implementation including application design and pilot, software installation and configuration, data conversion, end user training and going live, Meridian is able to work with your staff and the vendor to manage the implementation and bring your vision of the system to reality.