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Welcome to Meridian Consulting


Meridian Consulting is an accounting, tax and  business consulting firm. Working in partnership with clients, Meridian  Consulting is able to use  a customized approach to help identify and  solve client’s  problems, implement necessary strategies and help  businesses succeed. 


Meridian understands the typical challenges facing businesses based on where they are in the business life cycle. While there are the shared  common business issues, the needs of a start-up company are different  from one in a mature stage. The needs of a company in growth mode will  be different from one that is in decline. What Meridian Consulting does well is step back to look at the  client's overall picture and then, dig in to help understand the drivers  of the business. Our passion is helping you to implement the right  strategies right now that will set you apart from competitors and help  your company grow.

No matter where your business is on the business life cycle curve, Meridian can help you stay ahead.


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